Riding a Bike Share bike doesn’t require much planning, or a special outfit. When cities adopt bike share into their transportation network, they take a giant leap to make biking a normal, everyday activity for residents. That makes biking safer and cities healthier.

What's Bikemore's role in Bike share?

Bringing Bike Share to Baltimore has been a key Bikemore priority since our founding in 2012. Through ups and downs over the years, we’ve remained steadfast in our belief that a robust Bike Share system is critical to improving mobility and access to active transportation for Baltimore’s residents.

In 2015, Baltimore City was ready once again to move forward with securing a Bike Share vendor. Bikemore worked alongside the city from the very beginning. We provided two advocates who sat on the Technical Review Team to select the vendor, and served on the diverse Technical Advisory Committee which advises the city on key decisions such as pricing structure, station siting, and community outreach.

Bikemore remains a key partner involved in ensuring the success of Bike Share.

Key facts

  • Bewegen is the bike vendor and Corps Logistics is the operations vendor.

  • Corps Logistics is moving its headquarters to Baltimore which will create 80 full time jobs at system maturity.

  • Corps Logistics partners with Baltimore Station — providing workforce development for veterans.

  • The system will launch with approximately 500 bikes and 50 stations in phase one. In October 2016, 30 stations will open, with an additional 20 stations coming online in Spring 2017.

  • The system includes 200 Pedelec bikes, making it the largest fleet of e-assist Bike Share bicycles in the western hemisphere.

  • Founding membership are available for purchase prior to launch for a $100/annual fee and the option to lock that price in for life!

  • Upon launch, users can purchase monthly or per trip passes. Cash payment options available.

→ For more information visit www.bmorebikeshare.com