"With a new Mayor taking office this fall, we have an opportunity to appoint a Director of the Department of Transportation that understands that transportation includes all modes of travel, not just people who drive cars. That economic growth happens when we connect more people to opportunity by investing in affordable, high quality, reliable transportation options. When we make decisions that prioritize the comfort and speed of commuters who travel by car over residents that would prefer to walk, bike, or take transit we erode the vibrancy of city life. We turn charming neighborhood streets into high speed thoroughfares. We actively limit choice in transportation rather than follow the lead of cities large and small throughout the United States that are working to expand it."
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What do you want the next Director of DOT to champion?

We're launching a campaign to send a message to the next administration that the new Director of DOT needs to be a champion for livable streets. Over the next two months we'll be interviewing people about what they want to see in our next Director of DOT and we'll be sharing innovative DOT examples from other cities.

But the administration needs to hear from you too. What should the next director be focused on? What characteristics should the next director have? What have you seen other cities do that you want to bring to Baltimore? Write down your thoughts and snap a selfie holding up your sign. Then use the hashtag #DirectDOT to share your vision for transportation in Baltimore City. **When sharing on social media, especially Facebook, be sure to set the post to public.

As residents who understand that our economic prosperity, health and quality of life are directly related to the types of transportation investments we make, it’s imperative that we change the conversation from moving just cars to moving more people.