In the 2016 Primary Election, Bikemore announced a simple 4-point platform at a rally attended by every major mayoral and city council candidate running for office. Subsequently, Bikemore's platform was incorporated into several official mayoral and city council candidate platforms. Many of these candidates won their primaries. 

Bikemore is now working to ensure this platform carries on into the general election, and that the incoming mayor and city council are primed to take action, creating a more livable Baltimore City.

Sign on to our platform, and let our representatives in government know that you bike, and that you vote:

The I Bike, I Vote Platform

  1. We support candidates who understand that access to reliable transportation affects social mobility as much as crime, educational test scores, or percentages of two-parent families. We support candidates that understand a third of Baltimore lacks access to a car, and that improving access to public and active transportation is an essential part of the path to upward mobility for Baltimore's poor.
  2. We support candidates who will hold public agencies accountable so bicycle infrastructure is built on time and to spec the first time by competent contractors, and are subsequently maintained with a regular maintenance plan. We support candidates who have a plan for agency coordination that will prevent bike and pedestrian facilities from being erased from the streets to prioritize automobile traffic during road or adjacent building construction.
  3. We support candidates who understand that difficult decisions like lowering speed limits, removing parking or vehicular travel lanes, and implementing comprehensive traffic calming measures to downsize dangerous major thoroughfares are a necessary step toward improving the vibrancy and safety of our neighborhoods and business districts.
  4. We support candidates who believe that City-led improvements to bicycle and pedestrian safety and access are something from which all neighborhoods should benefit.