Advocacy can take many forms. While working to build a force for biking in Baltimore — Bikemore recognizes the need for clear, decisive points of view. It’s important to acknowledge that many of our decisions about how our streets are designed remain political. We are working for policy reform that will make transportation decisions more equitable and safe streets something that isn’t determined by your zip code. But to get there, we have to engage in the political system. This can look like drafting legislative policy and lobbying for its passage, endorsing specific candidates running for office that champion sustainable and equitable transportation solutions, or educating voters by creating score cards for candidates or ballot questions. Politics is not a dirty word — it’s an existing framework from which we can build collective power and change how decisions get made.

Bikemore & Bikemore in Action

Bikemore was founded as 501c3 nonprofit organization. But there are many ways to structure a nonprofit. After a year of work on our I Bike, I Vote campaign — which sought to encourage and educator voters to vote for livable streets — we heard loudly from our members that they wanted us to do more.

In July of 2016, Bikemore created a specific advocacy arm of our organization — Bikemore in Action. Bikemore in Action is a registered 501c4 nonprofit. Bikemore (which remains a 501c3 nonprofit) and Bikemore in Action work in tandem to deliver the best advocacy for our mission.

Having this advocacy arm allows us to raise funds that support more direct political advocacy such as unlimited lobbying for or against legislation, endorsing candidates and political positions, and provide clear and specific positions on political issues for our members.

Giving to Bikemore in Action

When you give to Bikemore in Action, while your donation is not tax deductible, you can know that your donation can be used for a wide range of our — both political and education based. We are always allowed to transfer funds from our c4 to our c3.

If you prefer that your donation be restricted to our 501c3 non political work, please note that online (by opting in on the online form) or on the memo line of your check. Your donation will help support the majority of our work which includes nonpolitical livable streets advocacy, community based education and encouragement events.

In short, a donation to our c4 Bikemore in Action allows us the most flexibility of where to direct funds, but is not tax deductible. No matter how you choose to support us, know that we are grateful for your support and are committed to being responsible stewards of your donation.