Baltimore City's Department of Transportation was awarded a Federal Grant to purchase nearly 300 bike racks to be distributed and installed throughout the city. 

Bikemore is partnering with Baltimore City Department of Transportation to help educate businesses and residents about the program, and help ensure racks are distributed equitably throughout the city, and installed in a timely manner. 

This is all made possible through a generous grant from PeopleforBikes

Secure Bike Parking deters bike theft and encourages people who bike to spend money at that business. Creating a network of secure bike parking throughout the city encourages bike riding, making a safer, healthier Baltimore for everyone. 

Requesting a rack is free. If you would prefer a style of rack other than what the city provides you can purchase the rack and have the City install. You can use the same form, regardless of who is providing the rack. 

If selecting your own rack, we recommend Bikemore's preferred vendor Dero. They offer options for customizing racks with your logo, and you can be assured their designs offer the security that encourages use. 

To learn more about bike parking and specifically what racks to avoid, read the Association for Bike and Pedestrian Professional's Essentials of Bicycle Parking.