The Mobile Bike Shop provides approachable, free access to bike repair services.

By partnering with existing community events, we bring inclusive repair experiences to neighborhoods that don’t have easy access to a bike shop. When the Mobile Bike Shop arrives, we often see kids and adults alike running home to grab bikes they haven’t been able to ride. Often the barrier to riding is a simple, quick low cost repair like fixing a flat tire or adjusting brakes. We encourage visitors to help out with the fix, teaching them skills and language around bike repair.

The Mobile Bike Shop gets kids and adults rolling again and demonstrates that biking and bike repair is for everyone, regardless of what neighborhood you live in. 

The Mobile Bike Shop engages communities in conversations about bike and livable cities advocacy.

Through these conversations, we’ve learned that it’s often the first time communities are being asked to consider livable streets solutions to improve the quality of life in their neighborhood. This provides an opportunity for diverse communities to become familiar with the vocabulary of bike advocacy — things like bike lanes and crosswalks — and helps them understand that these are things they can request for their neighborhood.

The Mobile Bike Shop provides community members with a path toward civic engagement to ensure all citizens have a voice in transportation advocacy. 

Why do we need the Mobile Bike Shop in Baltimore?

“Children from low-income and minority households, particularly blacks and Hispanics, are more likely to bike or walk to school than whites or higher- income students.” — N. McDonald

But, as seen on the map, there are fewer brick and mortar bike shops and often less bike infrastructure in their neighborhoods. 


Upcoming Mobile Bike Shops

Want the mobile bike shop to visit more neighborhoods?

Email if you have a community event you'd like the Mobile Bike Shop to visit (getting in touch a month ahead of time is usually best!) or support us below to ensure the Mobile Bike Shop can keep cranking.