We are building a force for biking in Baltimore. Whether advising local and state transportation agencies, meeting with local elected officials, or connecting community associations to tools for action, we are the voice for livable streets.

One third of city residents lack access to a car, and access to safe, reliable transportation options is the main factor in improving social mobility. Bikemore works to ensure our local leaders have a vision for Baltimore that includes increased mobility and makes livable streets a priority. We recognize that including diverse perspectives is essential toward creating political action that is inclusive and responsive to people’s needs.

Read more about Bikemore in Action, our political advocacy arm.

Infrastructure Advocacy
Data tells us that more people ride bikes when there is dedicated bicycle infrastructure. Dedicated bike infrastructure, like protected bike lanes, are safer and allow more people to feel comfortable riding. We advocate for well maintained facilities, built competently and on a reasonable timeline, that benefit all of Baltimore. 

Policy Advocacy
Zoning and land use policies can create dense, mixed-use neighborhoods in which biking and walking thrive. We advocate for effective policy, mobilize communities to speak up for what they want, publicize current issues, and support leaders that share our vision for Baltimore. 

Public Health

A bicycling city is a healthier city. We work to make biking for recreation and transportation a viable choice for every Baltimore resident.

When we design a city for biking and walking, we make streets safer for everyone. Bike and pedestrian infrastructure decreases crashes for all road users. It calms traffic which reduces speed; it makes crossing distances shorter for pedestrians, which makes it safer to cross the street. A city that has increased bike ridership has reduced traffic congestion, improved air quality, and improved public health with lower rates of asthma and improved cardiovascular fitness.


Riding a bike connects you more to the city where you live. As a community, we need to be doing all that we can to deepen our connection to the city that we love and the people who live in it. We create pathways toward civic engagement to ensure all people who bike have a voice in transportation advocacy.

Our programs engage youth and adults to celebrate the joy of riding a bike. We connect people who bike to one another, and provide opportunities for those new to biking to experience the magic of exploring Baltimore on two wheels.

Through a variety of programs, events, and rides, our efforts are focused on bringing more people to biking and bicycle advocacy, helping us to grow a force for biking in Baltimore.