A hand-up for Bikemore?

Photo by:    tbd.bike

Photo by: tbd.bike

If you’ve been to a cyclocross bike race before, you might be familiar with the hand-up tradition — a spectator on the sideline hands something to a passing rider. 

It’s usually a snack, beer, dollar bills, crabs when in Baltimore. It gives the rider a boast, makes them smile or laugh. 

This weekend we’ll be at Charm City Cross, one of the biggest races in the area that happens right here in Druid Hill Park. We’ll of course giving hand-ups, hoots and hollers to our hometown riders.

Because everyone needs that boost from their friends, Bikemore included. 

Can you spare $10 to give Bikemore a boost each month? 

PS. Want to help make Charm City Cross a success? Sign up to volunteer!