Baltimore needs all the love it can get


Sometimes it can be difficult sometimes to fight for something relatively small when our challenge to become a better place to live loom so large.

When we talk about building our streets so that it’s safe to walk, bike, and take transit, we are really talking about building something that’s bigger than ourselves. It’s acting on a belief that everyone deserves dignity no matter how they choose to travel. Acting on a belief that equitable transportation may just be a starting point for something better than we’ve been before — a city designed for people. All people.

Riding a bike makes you love your city. And if you love your city, you can change it. Right now Baltimore needs all the love it can get. And we need you.

We can’t change everything today, but we can change something. Let’s change who the streets are for. Let’s design streets that help us meet our neighbors, feel the wind in our hair, and fall in love with our city. 

Help us build a force for biking. Help us spread the love. Help build a city designed for all people by donating $50 to Bikemore today.

We can’t do it without you.