Remembering Aaron Laciny

Bikemore exists to create the type of policy change that ensures that all people can move about this city safely. Be it on foot, by bike or on transit — mobility connects us to opportunity. When it is difficult or unsafe to travel, we limit people’s capacity to lead healthy, productive lives and cause actual harm to our citizens. And while things are changing, this week it feels like they aren’t changing fast enough.

Nothing brings the immediacy of our work into focus than when someone is killed while riding their bike. This week the world lost Aaron Laciny in a tragedy that illustrates the level of callousness and disregard people riding bikes receive. Aaron was a beloved son and brother to his five siblings. He was a celebrated colleague, classmate and friend. He loved the outdoors, and was a brilliant mind just beginning his career in science and mathematics.

As advocates, during these particularly difficult times it is our job to ensure the family of those injured or killed have the resources they need to process what is often an inexplicable loss. We are in contact with Aaron’s family, and are discussing what is going to be the best way for the bicycling community to memorialize his life. We are following their lead, respecting their privacy and need to grieve, and will be sure to update folks as to the best way they can honor Aaron’s life.

In the meantime, Aaron’s family has made an incredibly generous gesture, asking that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Bikemore in Aaron’s name. We will be maintaining a memorial page to him on our website at the family’s request. We are humbled by their generosity, and even further resolved in our advocacy. You can view it here.

These tragic events impact all of us who ride. They are a stark reminder that there are people who move through the world with disregard for human life. So take care of yourself, and others. Leave time to grieve and process, but most importantly, enjoy all life has to offer. For many of us, that includes riding bikes in the city we love.

UPDATE 7-6-2017: 

A reward is now being offered by Baltimore County Police to find the driver who left the scene and is responsible for Aaron's death.