Bikemore Statement on Governor Hogan's Baltimore Red Line Decision

Bikemore is gravely disappointed in Governor Hogan’s decision to not build the Red Line. Hogan's decision is a slap in the face to residents of Baltimore City, 31 percent of which do not own a car, and rely on the City’s insufficient public transportation system to access jobs.

At a time in our history where the results of decades of disinvestment in our urban centers has been made starkly clear, Bikemore finds it unconscionable that a public servant would support more resources to some of the wealthiest zip codes in the country, but keep Maryland residents most in need of improved access to jobs in the cold. Leaving $900 Million in Federal Funding on the table, as well as walking away from decades of state and local resources invested in the planning and engineering of the project proves that Hogan isn’t in service of the public at all.

To those who believe the $2.9 billion plan was too costly, Hogan announced today at the same presser $2 billion in road and bridge projects on state highways, none of which are located within Baltimore City limits.

Bikemore believes that safe, efficient, reliable transportation is a right that all residents of Maryland deserve. To simply say yes to our most wealthy residents, and no to those most in need is wrong, and Hogan must be held accountable. Bikemore rejects political figures who wring their hands at the serious social issues Baltimore is facing, but when presented viable projects that are proven to directly address root causes to economic disparity, simply say “the cost is too high.”

Bikemore will continue to press policy makers to invest in multi-modal transportation solutions that make sense for the residents of Baltimore. In addition, we will continue to advocate for a fully funded, comprehensive, connected bicycle network for Baltimore City and County that will allow residents to safely access jobs, amenities, and schools by bike. With the Red Line now off the table, this need is more immediate than ever. Continuing to allow residents to be cut off from jobs and services--while simultaneously decrying the issues that erupt when they are--is the lowest form of hypocrisy.

We encourage those disappointed by today’s news to contact the Governor's office and express your concern by email, phone or letter.