We Did It! Thanks for Helping Us #FillTheRoom

Thank you for showing up!

The highest turnout I’ve ever seen at a BCDOT public meeting.

I don’t think there’s ever been a meeting with turnout like this IN SUPPORT of a project in the history of BCDOT.

As the quotes above from Baltimore City Department of Transportation officials demonstrate, last night proved there is overwhelming support for the Downtown Bicycle Network. Over 250 people turned out to learn about the project and show their support. 

It was important for supporters to be present, and we thank them for doing so. 

Showing up, even if just for a few minutes to look at the renderings, left a big impression with Department of Transportation officials. 

It shows we can mobilize large numbers of supporters for livable streets projects when the city puts them forward, and gives officials stronger footing to put forward more great projects like this one.

Armed with good information about the project, we ask that you do your part in ensuring that your neighbors, coworkers and families are informed. As construction ramps up and more folks learn about the project, there is potential for backlash. Informed, vocal supporters are our best defense. 


Meeting Summary

Last night's Open House unveiled the final plans for ten miles of dedicated bike facilities throughout Downtown, including the 2.6 mile two-way parking protected bike lane on Maryland Avenue that began construction last month. 

Additional facilities include one-way protected bike lanes on Madison Street and Monument/Centre Streets, standard bike lanes (to the left of parking) on Preston Street and Biddle Street, a two-way protected bike lane on Potomac Street, and green bicycle priority paint on the Jones Falls Trail in the Inner Harbor.

View the DOT Fact Sheet here. 

Celebrate our Victory tonight at Clavel!

Join us tonight at Clavel from 5:00-10:00pm to celebrate our huge victory of reaching this milestone for the Downtown Bike Network. Clavel is offering 50% of proceeds on certain drinks to Bikemore. 

There will be full table service, but also a cash bar at the tortilla counter for faster service. Bikemore staff and board members will be on hand to talk bike advocacy and share some of what we are working on in the future. We’re growing and would love to have you join us in celebration of our success. Facebook event here.