Baltimore is #WhyIBikemore

A letter from Collin Hayward, President, Bikemore Board of Directors

My name is Collin Hayward and I serve as the President of the Bikemore Board of Directors. I wanted to reach out today and share why I am proud to serve an organization that fights for equitable transportation for all of Baltimore’s residents. From the first time I sat on Fed Hill and saw the city skyline, I fell in love with our city. The action, the history, the opportunities – all of it gave me a sense that anything is possible. To this day I still get a smile on my face when I catch a glimpse of the skyline from Fayette Street while on the Blue Link to work. 

Yet despite that hopefulness, the City continues to design and fund a transportation system that prioritizes the needs of suburban commuters over the needs of our very own residents. Community vitality is destroyed when you create high speed highways through active neighborhoods. Meanwhile these very same communities often have extremely low car ownership rates, making it even more of a struggle to travel safely, get to work on time, and improve the economic opportunity of neighbors. Other cities like New York, Boston, and Philly who chose to build Complete Streets infrastructure are seeing improved public health, increased economic development, and the reconnection of communities long scared by this outdated planning philosophy.

As I continue my life and career in Baltimore, I want to see everyone in our city have access to the social and economic opportunities that accessible transportation provides. Transportation and commute time, as presented in research by a Harvard economist, has emerged as the single largest factor in escaping poverty. Our citizens deserve an equitable transportation system that works for everyone. Bikemore fights for this type of transportation system every day. 

I’m hopeful for the future of Charm City. But I recognize it will take all of us investing in advocacy to create the equitable transportation solutions we deserve. Please consider making a donation today.