What you need to know about the Maryland Avenue Bike Parade

On Saturday, November 5th we're celebrating the new Maryland Avenue cycle track with a celebration and bike parade! Event details are here, but you can find some FAQs we've been hearing below. 

Is the cycle track finished? Isn't there a sinkhole?
The cycle track was originally scheduled to be finished by Saturday, but the sinkhole temporarily halted construction. The contractor will be working hard this week to complete as much as possible before the parade. In the event storm grates or other fixes haven't gone in by Saturday, we'll have any hazards marked with cones and spray painted orange. In short, we're not going to let a sinkhole stop us from celebrating this BIG win for biking in Baltimore.

What's the revised route? 
Check out the modified sinkhole-avoiding bike parade route below, starting at Wyman Park Dell and ending at Mt. Vernon Market Place. 

Did I hear something about free coffee and donuts?
You heard right! At Wyman Park Dell from 10 to 11am we'll be serving up free apple cider donuts from Weber's Cider Mill Farm and coffee generously donated by Zeke's Coffee.

Who can ride?
EVERYONE! This is a slow roll and all are welcome. Kids and families are especially encouraged to come!

What should we wear? 
This is meant to be a fun and silly bike parade, so we encourage costumes and general goofy decorating of yourself and your bike. And we'll have a bike decorating table at the park from 10 to 11am, lead by the amazing Charlotte Hager

Are we obeying traffic signals?
Yes! This is a ride to enjoy the new protected bike infrastructure, and as such, we'll ride the cycle track as it's designed to be ridden. This means stopping at red lights and obeying rules of the road. 

What if I'm not a morning person? 
Can't make it to the ride? Plan to have lunch at Mt. Vernon Market Place, where the bike parade will be ending! From 11am to 2pm, Mt. Vernon Market Place vendors Fresh Mondays, Juniper, Local Oyster, Pinch, and Taps Fill Station will be donating 10% of their proceeds to Bikemore.

You can check out the rest of the event details below, and be sure to RSVP and invite your friends on Facebook!


Still have questions about the event? Email Danielle@bikemore.net.