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Ginger, a mom who bikes with her kids daily, sent us a note pledging to donate up to $1,000 in matching funds, because her family’s livelihood depends on getting protected bike infrastructure built. Here’s her story —

Written by Ginger Hanson

It’s been four years since we said good bye to our car. Like unburdening yourself from a bad relationship the freedom was exciting. The year prior I had discovered family cargo biking which replaced the stress and wasted time of traffic jams and circling for parking with the exhilarating feeling of moving my body and effortlessly coasting up to the front door. Walking and biking have increased my joy exponentially and I don’t want to go back to all of the hassles of car ownership. Since we began this journey we have seen so many positive developments that have made no car easier: growing bike infrastructure, improvements to our bus service, increased options for car sharing, bike sharing, and scooter sharing. (If you haven’t tried the new scooters I encourage you to do so, F. U. N. you will feel like a kid again!)

We have been through many stages of biking with children. We started with buckling them into a child’s bike seats when they were toddlers. We had an ingenious contraption called a Follow-me Tandem which made it easy to attach and de-attach their bike to ours. Then they rode on the deck of a Big Surly Big Dummy cargo bike. These days they like to help pedal on our Circe tandem with Burley Piccolo trail-a-bike. Perhaps you’ve seen us riding about town? Biking doesn’t just bring us a smile, we are constantly rewarded with smiles, waves and words of encouragement from on lookers.

The mission of Bikemore has always been important to me. Getting out of my car and onto a bike increased my joy exponentially. I am a brave soul, an early adopter, but I would like others to feel comfortable and empowered to make this choice too. That is what the work of Bikemore is doing for our city. Not everyone will be willing to, or able to give up their car, but everyone can make small changes to reduce their trips by car. As the density of our city grows and we continue to look for ways to make our air cleaner, empowering people to choose active transportation by providing safe and comfortable infrastructure will become increasingly important.

Our oldest is now beginning middle school and becoming more independent. More and more our kids want to ride their own bikes, under their own power, going where they want to go. I can see the time when they will need to be given permission to do so. It is scary. I want them to have this freedom. They have long been aware of and compliant with traffic safety rules, I trust them in that capacity. However, I fear the vulnerability of them being on a bicycle in traffic with faster moving, heavier cars, with drivers who are not always paying attention. Bike lanes provide some assurance, but still leave them vulnerable to distracted drivers.

The growing network of protected cycle tracks brought about through the advocacy of Bikemore and members like myself are so necessary to making families and children comfortable. This is why I support Bikemore. I have seen the power that our collective voices and strong leadership can bring. We need to continue our work, they city is not safe enough for all families and all children who get around by foot and bike. We must do more to create a safe and equitable city.

Help make streets safer for Ginger, her kids, and all the other Baltimore families just trying to safely get to school and work. Donate today to help meet Ginger’s $1,000 match!

Bikemore is people powered


Bikemore is powered by people just like you. This year… 

145 people rode in Cranksgiving 
600 people supported the Big Jump by attending our block party 
1,000+ donations were made to Bikemore
1,000 people signed the Complete Streets petition and 500 people wrote letters of support 
Countless Baltimore residents are safer, healthier and happier riding their bike

We’re so grateful for all you have done to power Bikemore this year. And we're excited and ready to keep working with you, listening to you, and fighting for you in 2019 — but we need your continued support. 

Please consider donating an amount that is meaningful to you. Together we are building a force for biking in Baltimore. 

2018 was the year we delivered

A letter from Liz Cornish, Executive Director, Bikemore

2017 was the year we laid a foundation for our advocacy. 2018 was the year we delivered.

In just three years since my arrival in Baltimore, I have watched new infrastructure and policies we’ve championed change how we as a city talk about bikes. Bikes are no longer an afterthought or a nuisance to plan for, but an indicator of a healthy neighborhood and a safe street.

We went head to head with the Fire Department and removed a piece of suburban-oriented fire code that was preventing the construction of bike lanes and millions of dollars in economic development projects. Our work was featured in this recent piece from CityLab, which affirms our policy position through new research from the USDOT Volpe Center.

After years of delays there is now a two way protected bike lane on Centre and Monument Streets. This means that you can now travel from MLK to Hopkins Hospital separated from fast moving traffic. This east-west connector is transforming how people get across town.

We pulled off something that people two years ago thought was impossible. We connected Reservoir Hill and Remington--two disparate neighborhoods separated by a highway--with a protected walking and biking path. This means someone in a wheelchair can now cross the Jones Falls Expressway for the first time since its construction in 1961.

These three things are pretty impressive for an organization that three years ago was staffed by one person. But we didn’t stop there. This month the Complete Streets Bill was signed into law. Together with Councilman Dorsey, Councilman Pinkett, and our entire coalition, we have fundamentally changed the way streets are designed and how communities are included in Baltimore City.

We are punching above our weight. We’ve done so much with a little--imagine what would be possible with a lot? Our work is driven by grassroots donations from people just like you. We’re excited and ready to keep fighting for you in 2019.

Please support our efforts with a gift in an amount that is meaningful to you. And consider sharing our work with the people in your life. Together we are building a force for biking in Baltimore.

Mayor Pugh Signs Complete Streets Ordinance


As of Thursday, December 6th, the Baltimore Complete Streets ordinance is law. Mayor Pugh signed the legislation earlier this week, just days before the bill would have become law automatically.

Over the past two years, a broad coalition was formed to support and promote Complete Streets. The Baltimore Complete Streets Coalition is comprised of over 30 organizations including local groups like Bikemore, The League for People with Disabilities, No Boundaries Coalition and neighborhood associations, statewide organizations like the Maryland Builders Industry Association, and national groups such as AARP, the American Heart Association and Safe Routes to Schools.

This bill is about giving communities the power to work with DOT to build more equitable and healthy transportation infrastructure. When we began this effort, I aimed to set a new national standard for complete streets policies, including answering the imperative to put equity at the core of all transportation measures. So many community leaders and stakeholders have stepped up to build a policy that is truly best in class. Now it's time to work together to implement complete streets to ensure all our communities see real benefits from transportation decisions. - Councilman Ryan Dorsey

The bill received national recognition when the National Complete Streets Coalition named Baltimore’s Complete Streets Ordinance one of 2017’s best initiatives and named Councilman Dorsey a Complete Streets Champion. Complete Streets prioritizes the safety of all people using Baltimore’s streets and prioritizes multi-modal transportation. Complete Streets often have slower speed limits, wide sidewalks and crosswalks, protected bike lanes, bus lanes and shelters, and beautification like trees and plantings. The bill also contains several equity-focused provisions to address the disparities created by decades of structurally racist and car-oriented road design.

Baltimore's Complete Streets ordinance is a remarkable new model for the nation not just because of its strong, direct approach to equity and implementation, but also because of the broad, engaged coalition responsible for its adoption. The National Complete Streets Coalition is proud to recognize Councilman Ryan Dorsey, Bikemore, and the City of Baltimore for their leadership. - Heather Zaccaro Program Manager, National Complete Streets Coalition

Bikemore was an early champion of passing a robust, equity-focused Complete Streets ordinance, working to place it as a priority in the mayor’s transition report and drafting bill language for introduction alongside Councilman Ryan Dorsey.

We’re thrilled that the mayor has signed the legislation into law, and will continue to work over the next few months to ensure implementation is as intended.

None of this work is possible without the support of our volunteers and donors. Thank you!

#GivingTuesday: The Stories that Steer Bikemore

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