Building a Force for Biking: Volunteer to Call and Canvass to Support the Downtown Bike Network

#FillTheRoom at Baltimore City Department of Transportation's open house on the Downtown Bicycle Network, outlined in the map above!

6:00 - 7:30PM | August 31st | Baltimore School for the Arts | 712 Cathedral St

Bikemore is working hard to ensure that our supporters are out in full force. This project is fully underway, but it's critical that we show the City we have the ability to mobilize our members to support important projects as easily as we can mobilize folks in opposition to others. 

Change is hard, so as these plans become more publicly available we anticipate some community backlash. Having our key supporters knowledgeable about the project is our best defense against vocal opposition. We need you sharing the right info to your family, coworkers and friends. 

The City needs to see there is a force for biking in Baltimore, and that Bikemore members are leading the charge. 

Volunteer this week to help us #FillTheRoom in support of the Downtown Bike Network. You can sign up for one or multiple shifts. You can call or canvass. But show up, we need you now more than ever.