Ride a bike, eat a donut, and have fun


2017 has not been a great year for biking in Baltimore. Our task is trying to make biking safe and accessible at a time when our city is challenged to deliver on services both large and small. So what do we do during this time? One of the most important things we can actively be doing is to continue to build up our community. Spending time doing things that bring us joy can sustain us through these periods The people who bike in Baltimore are full of love and support for one another. We see beauty in a city where many see none, simply because we are moving at a pace slow enough to absorb it. We have a responsibility to nurture that community when opportunities arise. Our perspective, that comes from seeing this city up close can be a catalyst for positive change.

This Saturday, for the second year in a row, we are gathering at Wyman Park Dell to celebrate arguably the best thing to happen to people who bike in a really long time — the Maryland Avenue Cycle Track. Last year we had hundreds join us on a crisp sunny Saturday morning for coffee and donuts and take off on a short simple ride to Mt. Vernon Market Place for lunch and hanging out. It was during that ride that we realized just how many families bike with small children in Baltimore, because we finally held an event that was perfectly sized and timed for them. People wore silly costumes, decorated their bikes with streamers, and remembered why we work so hard to get things like this built in every neighborhood. They are a game changer in terms of activating streets, connecting people to one another, and to the city that we love.

Bike riding brings us a lot of joy. Let’s take a few hours on Saturday morning to reconnect with that joy and make sure we take time to celebrate how far our community has come so we can feel ready to handle the challenges that lie ahead. Come ride a bike, eat a donut, and demonstrate just how many of us there are that are ready to #fightforbikes. Our city and its people deserve so many things — safety, health, security. Biking, and the health and joy it brings, is something that is completely within our reach to share and experience with others. Looking forward to all the cheers, yips, and high fives on Saturday morning. Thanks for showing up.

Maryland Ave. Cycle Track's 1st Birthday Party
Saturday, November 4, 2017

10am | Meet at Wyman Park Dell for coffee, birthday donuts, and meeting others who love to bike.

11am | BIKE PARADE leaves Wyman Park Dell heading south on the Maryland Avenue. This is a slow, fun, silly ride. All are welcome to ride with us! 

until 2pm | Lunch + Drinks at Mt. Vernon Market Place. Pay as you go. Taste of the Marketplace - $5 specials throughout the Market will be going on, so there will be $5 specials at (almost) every stall at the Mount Vernon Marketplace! 

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