Get Out and Vote for Brewer's Art

Brewers Art

Saris, a company most well-known for its bike racks, is currently throwing a contest online. Participants from all over the US are squaring off for a free bike corral in areas where it is desperately needed. Our very own Brewer's Art in Baltimore fits the bill. Voted one of the best bars in the country by Esquire, Brewer's Art always has bikes parked outside--just ask anyone who's ever gone there. In fact, during busy happy hours, it's not unusual for bike overflow to be see down the block and around around the corner.

Out of the gate, Brewer's Art was decimating the competition by a healthy margin. However, over the past week, the Baltimore bar has seen some stiff competition by the likes of Morristown, NJ. In fact, Brewer's Art has fallen behind by 6 votes, and the deadline is today, March 29.

Make sure you support Brewer's Art by heading to the contest and casting your vote now.