Bikemore IRL

Bikemore IRL fb header.png

For the month of August, Bikemore is taking a break from the internet to focus 100% of our energy in our neighborhoods. 

Building a force for biking requires us to build meaningful relationships across the city. While we love internet friends, we want to meet more of you in real life. Bikemore IRL is about having face to face conversations and riding bikes together. It means ignoring the internet chatter, and listening to neighbors so we focus on what matters. It’s a chance to reset and reprioritize. Conversations online can be divisive and not productive, but on the ground you’re having fun with your neighbors and thinking up bold visions for how to tackle tough challenges. You’re both pushing Baltimore to be better and loving Baltimore with all your heart.

We won’t be posting or responding on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. We won’t be sending out a lot of emails. Instead we’ll be fixing bikes, we’ll be drinking coffee with you along your morning bike commute, we’ll be at community meetings, and most definitely riding bikes.

And we hope you’ll join us — we have a lot on the calendar! And let us know if there are other events we should be at or add!

You can always reach us at 443.475.0350 or