David Marriott, Candidate for Mayor (Green)

In an effort to educate voters, we will be posting responses to our candidate questionnaire. Questionnaires were emailed to each candidate running for City Council, President of City Council, and Mayor. Candidates have until March 4th to submit. We are publishing results in the order they are received.

How frequently do you use a mode of transportation other than your car to navigate the city? Based on your experience, where should the city prioritize resources for transportation?

DM: When not driving the City, I enjoy walking or going for a run twice per week. We tend to miss so much when we are in vehicles driving by, so many historical landmarks, buildings, and homes right here in Baltimore. Its time for Baltimore to start looking into technology that will reduce the foot print on our environment. Solar is the way of the future, and we need to revisit this technology for answers.

What role do you believe biking and walking improvements can play in creating a safer, healthier, more livable Baltimore?

DM: The City has a parking and traffic issue as we have all seen, but with biking or walking we can reduce our foot print on the environment. We can't go wrong with less emissions and more caring for our city, Its a win, win situation.

Are you supportive of the city’s plan to implement bike share in 2016? If so, what do you believe to be the critical components of success?

DM: I am for any option that will diversify the city with different forms of transportation which will reduce our foot print on the environment. The plans should include meetings with bike groups that regularly ride in the city. It's important to hear from citizens using these types of transportation and not just coming up with policies to please a few tourist or provide conveniences in certain areas. In order to make this work we need to hear from those who know what is needed to make this run like a well oiled machine. Based on a business model calculation of a 1% demand with 620,000 residents...using the 1% as the lowest possible figure, we need a lot more Bikes than a few hundred. So using just common sense I would say this plan is not for the entire City of Baltimore, just for an area of the City. We must take a better look at this program and decide what the goal really is.

Recent audits have discovered that the Department of Transportation struggles to measure key performance indicators. The city’s procurement and project management processes have also faced scrutiny. This has led to significant delays of key improvements to bicycle infrastructure in Baltimore. How will you work to improve performance and accountability of city agencies like the Department of Transportation under your leadership?

DM: Fixing the budget for me is a rather simple task. My years in business has taught me how to cut the waste, tighten the spending and ask others to do the jobs they were hired to do. Lets get the job done for the greater good. Government spending is wasteful in so many ways and its time to bring us back to a balanced budget. I will review all the expenses and ensure we can move the city forward, not only in transportation but with every agency in the city.

What impact do you see increasing rates of biking and walking in Baltimore having on the public health and safety of our residents? In what ways will your administration invest in the creation of safe places to encourage more people to engage in physical activity?

DM: In the modern world the most important concern for everyone is safety, the preservation of life, safety of ourselves and loved ones is most important before anything else. As Mayor of Baltimore City our citizens won't have to live in fear of others. I will ensure we have a new proactive Police Department that will triumph over crime and reestablish faith in our communities. As a former Top Cop I know what it takes to make the streets safe, and its community involvement that makes this possible.

A recent study by Harvard economists found that the single strongest factor affecting the odds of a child escaping poverty is not the test scores of his or her local schools or the crime in the community; it is the percent of workers in his or her neighborhood who have long commutes. How do you plan to improve transportation options and commute times for our most vulnerable residents?

DM: I am currently reviewing several options, including the proposed redline development. I believe something's can be improved to make this happen, Its important for us to review other issues effecting our population as well, enabling better decision making.

Often road redesigns that improve the safety for people on bikes or people walking do so in a way that removes priority for single occupancy vehicles. This can look like removing lanes for travel or decreasing available street parking. Can you describe how you would manage public expectations during project implementation, and handle any backlash from constituents that don’t share in the City’s vision for complete streets?

DM:  have a transportation partnership plan of action that will encourage residents to use their vehicles less, promoting safer roads and less vehicles on the streets. Our plan will also help create employment for others as well. Signage would clearly indicate to share the roads with bikes and pedestrians. So often traffic and pedestrian lights are unclear and people are struck by vehicles regularly. It comes down to organization/synchronization of our traffic signals and improved education of our drivers thru signage and enforcement of local laws by our police department/code enforcement before others will truly understand the importance of following safety rules. If no one enforces the rules, no one will obey, we all see this everyday in the city. The funds received from those cited for failure to obey laws will fund new educational programs for law breakers. Funding will also provide new safety equipment, signage and educational commercials for more public education.

What other information about your candidacy would you like to share with our members?

DM: I would like to thank everyone involved in the Largest Mayoral campaign race in recent history. Its truly an historical event and I am honored to be a part of it. Participation from our younger residents is very important this is their future we are planning. It's been my dream to change Baltimore proving we don't need the biggest check book to win the race, just the will and your vote! I believe in taking a common sense approach to life and its issues. As Mayor of Baltimore I will bring the city to new highs and lead Baltimore City into supremacy. We all love that our city is affordable and diverse for all law abiding citizens to live, lets make it better. We will bring new business, residents, jobs, careers and homes to a city with such great history and people. Your support is imperative for change, our vote is our voice!

David Marriott