Last chance

Last weekend we rode with neighbors at the Pedal-a-thon in Cherry Hill

Last weekend we rode with neighbors at the Pedal-a-thon in Cherry Hill

By Liz Cornish, Executive Director

Our fiscal year ends on June 30th. Why am I telling you about that? Because we don’t just want to be Bike Advocacy Organization of the year for our advocacy, but because we have built a movement. A key part of that movement is growing our number of grassroots donations. Want to help us do that? Give a donation, in any amount before the end of the month.

People with power love to look at scrappy organizations like ours and say with genuine affection things like, “You’re punching above your weight!” “Small but mighty”. But as a woman leading in nonprofit and in transportation, I can’t help but examine the dynamics at play. 

When people with power make doing a lot with a little sound like a compliment, we become socialized to wear our smallness like a badge of honor. And while that makes our wins feel exciting, like winning the lottery, your safety while walking or biking isn’t something that should be left to chance. 

This year we are taking the leap and adding two more staff. It’s risky, but we know you’ll come through for us like you have in the past. We’re up against an administration that won’t make it easy to make progress over the next year. They have already demonstrated how they will use their power to undermine safety. The days of being small but mighty are behind us. We are ready to match the City pound for pound. Help us get there.