Octavia D. Njuhigu, Candidate for City Council-9th District

 In an effort to educate voters, we will be posting responses to our candidate questionnaire. Questionnaires were emailed to each candidate running for City Council, President of City Council, and Mayor. Candidates have until March 4th to submit. We are publishing results in the order they are received. 

How frequently do you use a mode of transportation other than your car to navigate the city? Based on your experience, where should the city prioritize resources for transportation?

ODN: As we know usually in our daily, weekly, monthly, or however you prioritize your spending we initiate a plan to create a budget that delegates for transportation to be of the utmost importance. I am within those same boundaries and feel as though cleaner air and better water ways also involved can only be developed if we prioritize incentives and actions (Walking, Bicycles, Public Transportation etc) to compliment our natural resources including gas and establishing betters ways of conserving.

What role do you believe biking and walking improvements can play in creating a safer, healthier, more livable Baltimore?

ODN:Awareness allows for a conscious effort to reiterate Healthier Outlooks, utilizing alternative methods of supplementing system usage from vehicles to public transportation improves the interaction between our public and their neighborhoods, communities and comradely alike, also adjust the visibility of walkers, bikers, and even skate boarders for safety precautions among the traffic and high profile areas including where signs and lanes are not accessible.

Often road redesigns that improve the safety for people on bikes or people walking do so in a way that removes priority for single occupant vehicles. This can look like removing lanes for travel or decreasing available street parking. Can you describe how you would manage public expectations during project implementation, and handle any backlash from constituents that don’t share in the City’s vision for complete streets?

ODN: Allow them their opinion to reassure them of their value as a citizen and permissive recounts in expression to continue sharing views which can be an Initiative. Once researched, itemized and formatted to be documented and established as the complaint, fortified into better living and objectives among the community and our people, I love the identity of "And Justice For All." Within those boundaries there-after, investigation, reiterating of documented information and other factors take place, which are outcomes to exhibit to them facts which resolves their values whether correct or not, removing those factors is once again another completion of the Iniative. Policy and procedures are all a part of the belief in Civil/Government. I've managed, handled, communicated and implemented successfully more than my share. Alleviating the concerns of residents are definitely key before, during and after this election, providing them with better resources for their issues deters any ongoing relationships in those inefficient manners. Please remember to use 311, and "Love Baltimore" more..

Recent audits have discovered that the Department of Transportation struggles to measure key performance indicators. The city’s procurement and project management processes have also faced scrutiny. This has led to significant delays of key improvements to bicycle infrastructure in Baltimore. How will you work to improve performance and accountability of city agencies like the Department of Transportation under your leadership?

ODN: Accountability is a great point of reference. Let's begin with leadership or those whose responsibility is to correct issues, provide the necessary resources to eliminate any further issues and demonstrate the act of providing the necessary service. When stated in those regards, we have it at a point of reference to complete the circle from the person/party who accepts responsibility and from he/she who investigates to assure an outcome has a legitimate response. When evidence including documentation proves the claim. That's when we take into consideration the taxpayers heart earned dollars. Now don't you or I afford ourselves these factors through working hard and supporting our own general concepts of work ethic? Now back into perspective with the objective, on our jobs that form of grievance is inexcusable, but more than the facts that provide the information, quality assurance reflects there is an operational issue within their ranks which provides a source to give an account of the specific details your question complies. Again we ask them the question just what is at stake here, we know on our jobs and in our homes when we are inconsistent with details/requirements how certain systems will fail. These Departments, Employees, etc; are residents, citizens and people like ourselves. The term you used "Department" in my assumption of details would be way to vague to regard until we have put a name with a face. The identified particular whose taken responsibility and decided to participate in his or her chosen role professionally as the Leader with admittance and assistance to comply appropriate details we can designate and begin to correct to follow along especially after the failure to comply has occurred. Saying the Department of Transportation wouldn't be accountable enough without strategically regarding the specific personnel that causes any procedure from maintaining it's functions throughout the system that has been created to maintain a stable environment. Also that would lead further into more detailed accounts on the performance of the individual. When these occurrences prevent the overall objective, immediately the source of those systems must be made to comply. My obligation to the question is the discernment utilized in detail to regard each and ever source for it's worth, where it accounts to the details/factors for which the source of the issues are found inconsistent, leading to the most potential or best outcome all around.

The percentage of people choosing to take public transit or ride a bike for transportation is increasing in Baltimore, while the percentage of residents without access to a vehicle is over 30%. How would you rate the city’s current investment in sustainable transportation solutions for its residents, and as a council person what would you do to support increased investment?

ODN: I'm a firm believer in our city, accountability through demonstration,/participation and now additional interests furthered by the role i am seeking as Councilman resembles a full fledged system of daily values that provide a consistent receptive outcome from public transit and it's affiliates. . Each and every commitment to opportune encounters around the city I have not seen it's concept of services fail or unprovided. Operational and maintenance occurrences which are normal and can happen at any given instance remind any user the basics of time management and work ethic for personal control. Accountability with the Council for the City of Baltimore and residents relying on my consistency requires informative ways of maximizing my established platform( the Revitalization of Our Community in the 9th District's Revival ) with it's potential to secure the desired outcomes and continue a successful accomplished extension of the Charm City Orange Route to the West Side Shopping Center which creates more revenue through traffic from pedestrians to cleaner storefronts, environmental standards exemplified through consistent and ongoing growth. One significant measure at the peak of the resolutions I seek plus maintaining the values at the hearts of our citizens, researching for more and greater performance enhancers while implementing a newer resemblance to our old and thriving district. (the Revival)

A recent study by Harvard economists found that the single strongest factor affecting the odds of a child escaping poverty is not the test scores of his or her local schools or the crime in the community; it is the percent of workers in his or her neighborhood who have long commutes. How do you plan to improve transportation options and commute times for our most vulnerable residents?

ODN: Wow what a relief! My how times have changed from those dates listed on your various facts, we are so fortunate to have the ability of technology to correspond with transportation like we never had it before, As technology has evolved we now are involved with additional negotiating skills for better commutes. Techniques for better transportation include ways to avoid heavy traffic areas, and apps for everything from Lyft to Uber. Our core performance considerably advanced for our children with exposure to digital phones, tablets, and their own portable devices. We now have more email addresses, video services and ways to be involved considerably with parents, teachers and the world. Buses/Trains also moved into a new era. their routes extension are maximized in comparison, the ability technology brings in the future is going to be even more momentous, In order to meet demanding needs of our youths/young adults, parents and the Community, in regards to safety. I look forward to advocating in support of newer resolutions (Extending the Orange Route of the Charm City Circulator to the Westside Shopping Center).

What other information about your candidacy would you like to share with our members?

ODN: I Mr. “O”, a Veteran of the Armed Forces and a resident of the 9th District of Baltimore Maryland where I am running for Councilman. Known amongst my peers, colleagues and friends alike as Octavia D. Njuhigu, my nickname is synonymous with my love for Education and was deemed by my former students while participating at the Public Library System and professionally as an Administrator/Educator for several institutions/organizations alike in private sectors, while maintaining simultaneously at the helm of my desk, in pursuits of Community Relations with support for our public. I am also named Octavia D. because of friendship stemmed during the heart of the Civil Rights Movement from famed sci fi writer Octavia E. Butler with my mother Ella B. Njuhigu, Ms. Butler a notable for being the first within her own genre as an African American Author, and also their Political Activism for Equality including Woman’s Rights. Same applies for the considerations and perspectives in applying my own brand of personality to ongoing commitments to culture. A profound revelation throughout my research, support, and economic struggles supplementing each loss of value with better, stronger and more efficient perspectives to symbolize the strength in unity which I learned from a strong family background in supporting ongoing efforts for equality, with those willing to stand for their own values in society removing stigma and stereotypes. I was taught never to be deterred by social structure and influences. Techniques I’ve applied in all concentrations including methods of teaching kids how to be engaged, inspired and diligent towards educational pursuits with foreseeing career goals early on and completing courses with better grades based by the criteria’s for colleges/universities and careers as they approach job markets confidently based on their advantages. A method very similar I also implement to various levels of adversity in support of Adults Literacy, GED, and Career Development/Job Placement etc; major factors found in our government system associated to the social and economic structures for those who cannot completely ascertain formal institutionalized training (from Immigrants to Mental Health/Special Needs and the public in economically underdeveloped environments). Mr. “O” the personification of my fond loving attitude towards supporting my communities, is also a presenter for workshops, forums, and other youth and young adult related festivities for their advocacy and to boost their morale, including publicly speaking openly and in my own affirmed passions with integrity for self-initiative, goals and quality assurance. A pastime I love and feel admirable in sharing with the community each and every occurrence. Dedicated to the Memory and Respects of My Family (Descendants of Willie Johnson) the Njuhigu Family(James Njuhigu) of Kiambu Kenya, and a Special Thank You to My Aunt Willie Mae Strickland for her Work and Dedication during the Civil Rights Movement, and the Commitment it Has Brought Me In My Own Life to Excellence in Equality/Community. c2016 Mr. "O" (Octavia D. Njuhigu) Candidate for Councilman 9th District the Revitalization Project (A Revival of Community)