Join Bikemore for the Spring 2013 Homebrew Bike Tour

Bikemore 2012 Homebrew Bike Tour It's hard to believe Bikemore's first Homebrew Bike Tour took place over 6 months ago.  Last October, we threw our first Homebrew Bike Tour on the cusp of winter.  Fast forward, and our second Homebrew Bike Tour is taking place just as spring is about to break.  (Permanently, at last.)

The first event was fairly small in scope, and unfortunately we had to turn away some riders who wanted to participate.  This time around, Bikemore we've planned for a larger turnout to accommodate a greater number of riders.

Here's the scoop:  this Saturday, we will be biking to three houses in North Baltimore (in Reservoir Hill, Woodberry and Remington), each serving small samples of homemade beer and food.

You'll be assigned to one of three groups so that none of the houses get too crowded. Each group will rotated among the three homebrew houses.  Then, everyone finishes the ride at Baltimore Node (403 East Oliver Street).

There will be more food, more beer, raffle prizes, and other fun stuff at the Baltimore Node.  And the best part?  At the afterparty, you can stay as long as you want to take advantage of the food and drink.

You don't want to miss this.

Not convinced?  Check out photos from our first event and look at all of those smiling faces!

Tickets are only $20 bucks, so buy a ticket on Eventbrite, and don't forget to RSVP on Facebook afterwards.