What the heck is Cranksgiving?

Cranksgiving 2017 poster.jpg

Cranksgiving is on Saturday, November 18th, and it's one of our favorite days of the year! 

So, what the heck is Cranksgiving?

Cranksgiving is a national event that combines bike riding and giving back. It's a mix of a scavenger hunt, food drive, and bike ride. We'll give you a list of food items and grocery stores, and then you'll have a set amount of time to ride to as many of the stores to collect as many of the food items as you can. And all of the food goes to Moveable Feast. Basically, it's all about food for people in need and riding bikes with friends, new and old.

What does the day look like?

12:30pm | Registration at Peabody Heights Brewery
1:45pm | Pre-ride rules and kick-off
2:00pm | Biking food scavenger hunt throughout Baltimore
4:00pm | Receipts and food due at Peabody Heights Brewery
4:00pm - 6:00pm | Awards and after party at Peabody Heights Brewery

Do I need to register beforehand?

No, just show up! Registration is from 12:30-1:45pm. It's helpful if you RSVP on Facebook, but there's no formal registration beforehand.  

Do I need a team?

Because riding with friends is more fun, all riders participate in teams of 3 or 4. If you don't have a team beforehand, we'll help "free agents" find folks to ride with during registration, or you can post in the Facebook event and get one going beforehand. 

How does the ride/scavenger hunt work?

When you register, teams will be handed their manifests. On the manifest is a list of grocery stores and food items to purchase, each worth a certain number of points. The way to get the most points is to hit all the grocery stores and purchase all the unique foods. The ride begins at 2pm and only teams who check in at Peabody Heights by 4pm will be considered for prizes. Then stick around for the after party, where we'll announce the winners and prizes, and for beer, food and celebration!

How do we win? What are the prize categories?

The winners are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (the teams that have the most points, if there's a tie, the team that checks in first win) and — our favorite category — BEST COSTUME/TEAM SPIRIT! 

How much does it cost to participate?

By design, Cranksgiving is and always will be a free event — meaning Bikemore will never charge registration to participate. We ask that each person on a team bring $10-15 to help purchase food items on the list. But how much you are able to spend is entirely up to you! 

What should I bring?

- Working bike
- Bag to carry purchases (backpacks, panniers, baskets — whatever you have!) 
- $10-15 for purchasing food to donate
- Water bottle
- Flat kit (Bikemore doesn't provide any ride support)
- (Optional) Smartphone to take photos and upload to social media for additional points! 

Is it a race? I don't ride very fast. Will I still have fun? 

Kinda. That's Ok! Absolutely! Cranksgiving is designed to be a team event (because what's more fun that riding through the city with some friends?!) While prizes are awarded to teams with the highest number of points, you can also win Best Costume & Team Spirit!

CAn I bring my kids?

Yes, we have had family teams in the past! The ride is set up so you pick your own route and pick which stores to go to depending on your own judgement and comfort level. And our Team Spirit/Best Costume prize category is a great one for younger riders! And either way, it's a great way to have fun riding together and give back.

What happens if it rains?

Unless it's a serious safety hazard, this is a rain or shine event. Riding in the rain/cold/wind makes you tough, so show up and ride! Plus, people in need still need food when it's raining.

>> Check the Facebook event for all updates, and to invite your friends!