A letter from Liz Cornish, Bikemore Executive Director

I moved to Baltimore three years ago to become the Executive Director of Bikemore. I chose Baltimore because the challenges that face it — racial inequity, lack of access to opportunity, disparate public health outcomes — are the issues closest to my heart. I chose Bikemore because it was positioned to do bike advocacy differently, unafraid of talking about intersection of transportation inequity and race, and unafraid of taking bold positions. 

40% of our budget is funded through small, grassroots donations. When much of our work is funded directly by people just like you, it means we can take brave, bold positions. 

The day I walked home following the hearing on our fire access bill, I found the Fire Department parked in front of my house filming a video meant to evoke fear in my neighbors. For the first time, I questioned if our willingness to take bold positions was worth it. If I’m being honest, in that moment I was intimidated. A few days later I got a letter from a supporter who was angry about what happened. With his letter was a check. His words of support and generosity helped me refocus. What we are asking for is simple, but has the capacity to make the city safer and healthier for all Baltimore residents. My job is to represent all of you, and keep showing up even when it’s hard. 

Letters of support like that, the energy when we all gather in a room, and the love for Baltimore that emits from a crowd of people who walk, bike, or take transit here — that's #whyibikemore. When your commute creates community, you can’t help but recognize the beauty that already exists in our city, and the potential for it to be more equitable, healthier, and safer for all. 

And as long as Baltimore has inadequate transportation choices, Bikemore is committed to leading the fight. But we can’t do so without the financial support from all of you. We need to maintain our momentum to continue to see progress, and we need to grow in order to bring that progress to more neighborhoods. Can you help? 

Thanks for helping us build a force for biking in Baltimore.