Help bring a public bike tool station to Hollins Market!

Bikemore works to support other volunteer based bike advocacy initiatives across the city. We love helping to highlight the work of others and support them in achieving their goals. This month we are launching this fundraising page to support bringing a fix it station to Hollins Market — a neighbor led project made possible through support from the Southwest Partnership. Donations on this page will go directly toward to the purchase of the station. We love helping to build capacity of our grassroots partners and to share our resources, like fundraising tools, with others. 

Bike commuter and engaged neighbor Stephanie Compton is working to install a public bike tool station in her Hollins Market neighborhood! Here's what she has to say:

Biking really does create community and the best community at that. I first met my neighbors when one of them was riding by on my Southwest Baltimore street on flat tires. I called out to him that he could use my bike pump. He didn't just need an air pump, he needed a patch kit and the tools to do it. I lent my new friends the tools and we instantly became friends, or at the very least biking comrades. 
This inspired me to figure out how to install a community Fix-It station that I've seen in public places, like at our beloved Station North Tool Library. 
The Fix-It Station has an air pump with pressure gauge, and all the necessary bike maintenance tools attached with cable wire to a strong metal frame. It will be placed in a public spot with location input from neighbors, providing my neighbors easy and free access to bike tools.
I applied for a grant from the Southwest Partnership and was awarded $750 to host an event in 2018! But we still have $1120 to raise to cover the full cost of the Fix It station (`~$1400) and other costs including permitting, event and outreach costs. 
My goal is to host a community event May 6th to celebrate the installation, but I need your support. Will you help bring the Fix It station to my neighborhood? 

Donate to bring the bike tool station to Hollins Market! 

If you would like to be involved in this Southwest Baltimore community event or have questions, please contact

Special thanks to MECU, the Department of Housing and Community Development, and the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts.