How To Report Vehicles Parked In Bicycle Paths and Lanes In Baltimore

Via iPhone/Android

Step 1: Download the Baltimore 311 application for iPhone or Android

Step 2: Click "New Request."

New Request

Step 3: Select "Parking Complaint" under "Signs, Signals, & Parking."

Parking Complaint

Step 4: Add photo (if desired), location, and description of complaint. 


Step 5: Under Violation, select "Bike Lane (parked in)," and submit complaint.

Violation Detail

Via Desktop

Step 1: Go to and click "Create new Service Request." 

Step 2: Select Service Type "Illegal Parking Complaint," click "Go," and type in the location of the violation. 

step 1.png

Step 3: From the "How is the vehicle illegally parked?" drop-down menu, pick "Bike Lane (parked in) and follow the rest of the prompts. 

step 2.png

Doing this accomplishes two things: 1) It directs police to respond ASAP, and illegal parkers might get ticketed, depending on the response time; 2) It creates a data set that we will examine going forward to determine who are the biggest violators, where the most violators are, etc.

Happy reporting!