Bike Party

What to Expect from the Outer Space Bike Party

What to Expect from the Outer Space Bike Party

The September Baltimore Bike Party is just one day away, and from the group's latest blog post, we finally have a good idea of what to expect. For starters, there will be no stopping at red lights. That's right, you can exhale now.

While you're re-composing yourself, make sure you head over to the Bike Party website and read the 411 on the September ride before you go out there tomorrow. Heavy Seas will be in the mix at the after party, so you don't want to miss it!

This Month's Baltimore Bike Party is Out of This World

Baltimore Bike Party Outer Space Bike Party From the official Baltimore Bike Party event page:

Grab your moon boots, phasers, light sabers, and little green friends for this month's Bike Party!

Now that we have an entire month to plan for it, we will be implementing the red-light policy again with a route designed for it, and more volunteers to help facilitate, so come out and help us make it happen!

The after party this month will end at Hopkins Plaza downtown with food trucks, DJ Ro, the photo booth, and beer once again provided by Heavy Seas!

Stay tuned for more information throughout the month, but you already know you wanna come so click that little join button, it's gonna be out of this world!

RSVP for the Outer Space Baltimore Bike Party here.