Baltimore Cranksgiving 2015

Poster Design by  Ian Jackson

Poster Design by Ian Jackson

With just two days to go until Baltimore's First Annual Cranksgiving we wanted to put together a quick post to make sure folks have the info they need to make Saturday, November 21st a HUGE SUCCESS! 

What is Cranksgiving? 

Cranksgiving is a national event, that began in New York City in 1999. It's a bicycle ride/scavenger hunt/food drive that brings people on bikes together to do good during the season of giving. 

How Much Does It Cost to Participate? 

By design, Cranksgiving is and will always be a free event-meaning Bikemore will never charge registration to participate. We do ask that each person on a team bring $10-15 to help purchase food items on the list. But how much you are able to spend is entirely up to you! 

Is it a race? I don't ride very fast. Will I still have fun? 

Kinda. That's Ok! Absolutely! Cranksgiving is designed to be a team event (because what's more fun that riding through the city with some friends? Don't worry if you don't have a team formed when you show up, we can help free agents or pairs come together!) While prizes are awarded to teams with the best time and highest number of points, additional prizes will be awarded for things like best team costume and team spirit! 

When does registration begin? How does the event work? 

Registration begins at 12:30 at Pavillon I (the big one in the middle) in Patterson Park. The Scavenger Hunt will begin at 2pm. Only teams who turn in their manifests by 4pm will be considered for prizes. This is a Rain or Shine event. Riding in the rain/cold/wind makes you tough. So be tough and show up and ride, even if the weather isn't perfect. 

When you register, teams will be handed their manifests. On the manifests is a list of grocery stores and food items to purchase each worth a certain number of points. Additionally our partner Baltimore Youth Cycling will be at a few of the stops presenting teams with additional bonus challenges, also worth points. The team with the highest number of points, in the shortest amount of time wins! 

After the prizes are awarded we will all ride to Moveable Feast (901 N Milton Ave, Baltimore, MD 21205) together. 

From there we will head to Hot Tomatoes II (2201 Gough St, Baltimore, MD 21231) for beer and pizza. 

The Rules: 

1. Teams must stay together. It's safer. It's more fun. It's the rules. 

2. Keep all your receipts (that's how we score you). If it's not on the receipt it doesn't count for points. If we can't read the receipt, or it's unclear what item it is, it doesn't count for points. Only receipts printed between 2-4pm will be counted (so no sneaky stuff). 

Tips for Success: 

1. This is an unsupported ride. Meaning if you have problems during the event, they are YOUR responsibility. You are assuming all the risk that comes with riding your bike on city streets. Call 911 in an emergency, head to your nearest bike shop if you have a mechanical issue. 

2. Protect your property. Lock your bikes at stops, don't leave bikes or food unattended. Be smart. 

3. Have fun. In the end we're bringing people together to bring much needed food donations to Moveable Feast. Don't get so competitive that you lose sight of that, or cause the judges unnecessary grief about who wins. Because this is about food for people in need and riding bikes with friends. The. End.  

You can pregister here to let us know you're coming. But you'll still need to register your full team and get your manifests before the race, so come early so we can get people signed up and with their teams. Folks not registered before we start the pre-ride talk (Most likely 1:45) will not be eligible to participate. 

Want help pulling together a team before Saturday? Post in the Facebook Event and get one going! 

Also, we are still looking for volunteers, particularly folks not riding to help with scoring! Sign up here! 


Bike Law with Peter Wilborn 10.14.2015

Next Wednesday, on October 14th, Bikemore is proud to host Peter Wilborn, founder of You can pre-register for the event here. 

If you've ever wondered: 

  • What to do if you've been hit by a person driving a car
  • What to do if you've been doored 
  • What to do if a person in a car is encroaching on your space or safety
  • What to do if a police office pulls you over for violating a cycling law 

Then this talk is for you! 

We recently spoke with Peter in anticipation of his trip to Baltimore and asked him a few questions.

What's your bike story? When did you first learn to ride, and how did that lead into your work now?

I was a "Breaking Away Kid" and shaved my legs before I had leg hair to shave.  I've ridden almost every day since.  I commute (my favorite riding), tour, ride fast, ride with my kids, you name it.  I became a bike lawyer in 1998, when my brother was killed on his bicycle.   

In 140 characters or less, what is

National network of bicycle lawyers who do what we can for people we like for a cause we love.  

As bike ridership increases in cities across America, what impact has that had on the demand for the services of attorneys like you?

The phone never stops ringing.  Yes, there are more collisions these days because of the growth in ridership (and how unprepared our cities were), but I think it is getting safer over all.   

If you could create a PSA that would be on billboards for folks to see across America, what would it say?

Ride Proud!

And finally, you used to live in Maryland, and still practice law in Maryland. Inquiring minds want to know: Pit Beef or Crab Cakes?

I did grow up in Maryland, and raced in College Park.  Ate so much crab as a kid that I developed an allergy!

We hope you can join us next Wednesday, October 14th, for a night of fun learning along with fellow Bikemore folks! Make sure to pre-register to ensure your spot! Thank you to our host De Klein Duivel who will have the bar open for the event.