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Ride the Baltimore Bike Party: 80s Edition

80s Baltimore Bike Party Baltimore Bike Party invites you to get out your 80s garb and get rad for the second consecutive June. And I'm sure you remember how much fun you had last year:

This year promises more of the same. And this month, the ride will be back to the same bat time, same bat channel start at the Washington Monument. That doesn't mean that there won't be a huge blowout afterwards, though. In fact, there will be an after party at Lexington Market with food from Faidley's Seafood, Mexican Delight, Mem Sahib, and more!

And R. Kelly fans, take note: after the party the party there's an after after party, but it's not in the hotel lobby. Even better -- it's at Alewife, a perennial Bikemore favorite.

You don't want to miss this. RSVP at the event page now.

May Baltimore Bike Party Recap

May Baltimore Bike Party

To say the May Baltimore Bike Party was a big one would be an understatement.  I heard some chatter that the event, which started with a party in Station North this time around, drew upwards of 1500 cyclists.  If that’s true, that shatters the previous record of 1200-1300. If you’ve been to a bike party, then you’re certainly familiar with how this one went down.  But this time, there was a slight change of scenery insofar as it took off from the Street Car Museum, and, of course, everything was just bigger in scale.

It looked like most had a good time, but the ride wasn’t without a couple of incidents that will happen with a ride of this size.  There were isolated complaints of riders riding on the sidewalk, which the bike party volunteers policed as best as they could.  At one point, I also witnessed another cyclist fall into my friend, which unfortunately bent his front wheel.

For most partiers, however, it was another month in the books without any issues.

The Baltimore Sun picked up the event and ran a story this morning.  Make sure to check it out here.