Cranksgiving FAQs

This Saturday is Cranksgiving — and we CANNOT wait! But maybe you’ve never participated in food drive/bike ride/scavenger hunt before? We’ve put together some of the questions we hear the most below! Don’t see your question answered? Email!

Can I come by myself?

Of course! Lots of people come solo, and we’ll help connect you with other people looking for a team. Cranksgiving is ridden in teams of 3 or 4, because we find that’s the ideal number to be able to ride together and stay safe. Plus — riding with new and old friends is way more fun!

Who wins?

The team that make it to the most stores on the list, collects the most food items on the list, and in the fastest time wins! We’ll have a first, second, and third place. This year we also have prize categories for WTF teams (teams where all team members self identify as women/trans/femme non-binary), and Youth + Family teams (where at least one team member is under 16!).

Do I need to register beforehand?

This year we have an online pre-registration, to make check in the day of really easy! But if you decide last minute to come, you can still register on-site day of. As always, registration is free, but we ask that you bring ~$10-15 to purchase the food to donate.

What do I need to bring?

  • Working bike

  • Bag to carry purchases (backpacks, panniers, baskets — whatever you have!) 

  • $10-15 for purchasing food items to be donated

  • Water, layers, and anything else that will make you more comfortable riding for a couple of hours around Baltimore

Can my kiddos ride?

Yes! This year we are having a new youth + family category for teams with at least one kid! For this category we'll be providing a suggested route map that is mostly on bike lanes and quiet neighborhood streets. The basic route for the youth category is ~6 miles, with options to make it shorter or longer depending on how your team is feeling.

Keep in mind that the ride is not supported and you’ll be navigating on your own to the grocery stores, so be sure to bring anything you and your kids would need to ride for an hour or two. Definitely bring some extra snacks, water and layers! If you’re riding with a kid that you are not the parent or guardian of, be sure to have their parent or guardian fill out the online registration or bring a signed waiver with them.

Can I ride my commuter bike? My mountain bike? My cargo bike?

Ride whatever bike you have! The key is to be able to carry groceries and ride something that’s comfortable to ride around the city for about 2 hours. On Saturday you’ll see tons of different types of bikes, and lots of different methods for carrying groceries.

What’s the route?

There is no official route! At the start of the ride we’ll give you a manifest that has a list of grocery stores on it. It’s then up to your team to devise a route that makes the most sense for you, keeping in mind that you get the most points by going to the most stores.

Will there be food?

Yes! The Mexican on the Run food truck will be at Charm City Meadworks after the ride! Food and drink are pay as you go.

Why does Bikemore host Cranksgiving?

Cranksgiving is an opportunity for the bike community to give back to organizations that do so much for the city we love. And supporting our friends and neighbors in whatever way we can is at the heart of Bikemore. Plus, it’s a good excuse to get together, ride bikes, strengthen the bike community, meet new people — and maybe someone will even discover that carrying your groceries on your bike isn’t too hard!

More details about Cranksgiving are on the
event page.
Don’t see your question? Email

What's new at Cranksgiving this year?

Cranksgiving is an annual event that takes place in cities across the country, and it’s all about having fun and giving back. This food drive/bike ride/scavenger hunt sends riders across the city to collect food donations for local organizations. If you’ve been to it before — you might notice some new things this year!

New location!

This year Cranksgiving will start and end at Charm City Meadworks! It’s easy to bike there using the bike lanes on Fallsway and Guilford, and Preston and Biddle. Plus, starting in a new location means we get to support new local grocery stores!

New food partner organization!

This year, the food collected at Cranskgiving is going to two amazing Baltimore organizations! in addition to longtime partner Moveable Feast, we’re also supporting the Franciscan Center! Moveable Feast fosters a community that cares for men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses by preparing and delivering nutritious meals and groceries and providing nutritional counseling and other services. The Franciscan Center is Bikemore’s neighbor, and provides emergency assistance and supportive outreach to persons who are economically disadvantaged, including community meals and pantry bags, job readiness training, healthcare, transportation assistance and much more.

cranksgiving2018 Tshirt mockup option1_we bleed gold FF (2).jpg

New t-shirts!

You might be a fan of our Cranksgiving posters designed each year by local designer and bike rider Ian Jackson, and this year we’re going a t-shirt version too! T-shirts are only available to order during early bird registration from October 29 to November 4.

New team categories!

This year we have two special team categories! WTF is for teams made up of women, trans, femme and non-binary folks, and a Youth/Family category for teams with at least one member under 18!

New online registration!

Participants can now register online beforehand! This means you can sign your wavier online, and will make check in day of super quick! Each teammate needs to fill our their own registration form.

New sponsorship and prizes!

Prizes include basket bags from Swift Industries, tool rolls from PTAP Designs, customs straps from HoldFast, and much more!

Prize sponsors

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 2.09.44 PM.png

Event Sponsors

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 11.18.32 AM.png
Baltimore Bicycle Works blue logo 2.jpg

Want more info about how Cranksgiving works?

Read all of our FAQs here!

ICYMI: Big Win for #CompleteStreets


We did it. Together, with your support we passed the most progressive Complete Streets Ordinance in the country. It’s a huge win for biking, walking and transit. Thanks to your letters, your testimony and donations, we were able to do something that two years ago people doubted we could achieve. Led by Councilman Ryan Dorsey, lawmakers, city agencies, Bikemore and over 30 Complete Streets coalition members, we demonstrated Baltimore is ready to think differently about how are streets are designed.

Here’s what the bill does:

  • Gives neighbors more input into the process of street design. 

  • Makes sure investments in Complete Streets go to the communities that need them the most. 

  • Mandates progressive standards on street design to keep everyone who uses the road safe from reckless driving. 

Read the entire bill.

Last night while celebrating our victory, a community leader said that Bikemore is “punching above our weight.” Our work is gaining the attention of people across the city and is changing the conversation around how we design streets.

We fought for streets that prioritize your safety and we won. Help us celebrate our victory by making a donation to Bikemore today. Together we are building a force for biking in Baltimore, and we are winning.


Next steps

A letter from Liz Cornish, Executive Director, Bikemore

Next Monday, thanks to your support over the past few years, I get to celebrate a huge win. For Bikemore, for me professionally, but most importantly for you — the people of Baltimore. Our Complete Streets Bill creates a framework ensuring we get streets that are safer, healthier, and provide real transportation choice for all.

As we mark this milestone and take time to celebrate with all of you, I am beginning to think about what’s next for Bikemore. What is the part of our work that really gets me fired up and makes the city a better place? How can we do more of that over the coming months? Passing legislation is important and necessary work. It’s exciting to work with lawmakers and decision makers to create change from within City Hall. But what makes biking in Baltimore so special are the people. The stories I get to hear about how biking has helped people get to work on time, stay active, be happier, and make new friends is at the root of our work. But if I’m being honest, we could do a better job at making sure more people see themselves in the stories we tell.

If we are going to continue to deliver big, bold wins — we have to build a bigger movement. That means doing more programs like our Mobile Bike Shop that get more people riding bikes. It means hosting more events like Cranksgiving where people can connect with others who share their passion for building a city that is safe and comfortable to walk down the street, hop on a bus, or ride your bike. It also means slowing down, listening more, and creating ways where the voices of our neighbors whose quality of life depends on biking, walking and transit are leading the movement.

None of these things come easily. All of it will require focused, intentional work. And most importantly we cannot — me, Jed, and Danielle — do it alone. We are ready to do more. Can you help?

Baltimore is #WhyIBikemore

A letter from Collin Hayward, President, Bikemore Board of Directors

My name is Collin Hayward and I serve as the President of the Bikemore Board of Directors. I wanted to reach out today and share why I am proud to serve an organization that fights for equitable transportation for all of Baltimore’s residents. From the first time I sat on Fed Hill and saw the city skyline, I fell in love with our city. The action, the history, the opportunities – all of it gave me a sense that anything is possible. To this day I still get a smile on my face when I catch a glimpse of the skyline from Fayette Street while on the Blue Link to work. 

Yet despite that hopefulness, the City continues to design and fund a transportation system that prioritizes the needs of suburban commuters over the needs of our very own residents. Community vitality is destroyed when you create high speed highways through active neighborhoods. Meanwhile these very same communities often have extremely low car ownership rates, making it even more of a struggle to travel safely, get to work on time, and improve the economic opportunity of neighbors. Other cities like New York, Boston, and Philly who chose to build Complete Streets infrastructure are seeing improved public health, increased economic development, and the reconnection of communities long scared by this outdated planning philosophy.

As I continue my life and career in Baltimore, I want to see everyone in our city have access to the social and economic opportunities that accessible transportation provides. Transportation and commute time, as presented in research by a Harvard economist, has emerged as the single largest factor in escaping poverty. Our citizens deserve an equitable transportation system that works for everyone. Bikemore fights for this type of transportation system every day. 

I’m hopeful for the future of Charm City. But I recognize it will take all of us investing in advocacy to create the equitable transportation solutions we deserve. Please consider making a donation today.